Marquita the Singer


Marquita (Marqui) Bernard grew up in a musical family.  It seemed that everywhere she turned, someone in her family played an instrument, sang , or was involved in music somehow.  Yet it was her mother who influenced her decision to take up show business as her primary vocation.  Her mother , Sandra, is a life long songstress and folk singer with roots that go back to the Sixties “hippy  era.”  She still performs weekly in a coffee house in Newaygo, Michigan, and continues to spread joy to all of her many fans.

Born in Toronto Canada, Marqui is a Canadian with strong family ties. She spent the first 11 years of her life in Canada before the family moved to Michigan. Her father an IT executive supported her, her sister, and her mother, in pursuing their musical ambitions. She really caught the performance bug when the three girls formed a band while living in Raleigh NC. “Mother Soul” became a household name in Raleigh as they packed the bars and venues week after week for seven years. As the saying goes, “all good things come to an end.”   The band  broke up as everyone decided to pursue individual careers.

Marqui pulled together the original band and performed in the Raleigh market for the next couple of years before deciding to go solo. The next six years found Marqui continuing to develop her piano and vocal skills at clubs and bars throughout the United States. There is no substitute for live performance and Marquita has become an accomplished performer with outstanding vocal skills and exceptional song interpretation.  All of her fans tell her she is onlyone contact away from stardom. She is truly a pleasure to hear!